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Welcome to FOUR

A sophisticated décor and it’s unique seasonal menu, FOUR provides an unforgettable dining experience.
With a drink menu as fabulous as the décor, FOUR is a perfect place to sip some divine drinks,
relax and unwind.

Borrowing from a global fusion of culinary ideas, Four's menu delivers a successful twist on seasonal Modern American cuisine. A new menu is introduced every 13 weeks to highlight the local and seasonal ingredients. Come and celebrate the four signature seasons of Long Island; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

The change of seasons are built in to FOUR’s unique décor; enter into the Spring Lounge, bright and
welcoming in shades of green. Things heat up in the Summer Bar featuring a giant video projection screen.
Wood accents carry you into Autumn Dining and then comes full-circle with the Winter Room, an
oval igloo with a hand crafted terrazzo floor and a roaring video fireplace.
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