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Text messages used to lure restaurant patrons on LI

With consumers getting deluged with e-mail from marketers, some Long Island restaurateurs are now turning to a new method of getting through to their customers: their cell phones. (Full Article)

New Hyde Park: Gourmet Litter Removal

Some restaurants promote their imminent opening with well-timed leaks to the press; Two is pursuing a more subtle strategy: sponsoring parkway litter removal. I saw this sign at the westernmost end of the Northern State Parkway. Two’s full name is Two Steak and Sushi Den so it comes as no surprise that it is the creation of the same team that brought you the exquisitely named Four Food Studio and Cocktail Salon. (Full Article)

FOUR makes the cover of Great Restaurants of Long Island

With a nod to mother nature, Four Food Studio celebrates every thirteen weeks with a menu highlighting those ingredients that make each season so special. (Full Article)

Long Island's newest all-star chef: James McDevitt

Spring is unquestionably James McDevitt's favorite season. The executive chef at Four Food Studio and Cocktail Salon in Melville can hardly wait for the fava beans, English peas, cardoons, asparagus and baby artichokes to show up. (Full Article)

Crains NY Report

New chef, James McDevitt, gives an Asian-American savory charge to this $4 million showplace, featuring seasonal decor and menus. One of the Island's best for food and drink. (Full Article)